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Philosophy of The Refuge Ranch

Refuge Ranch Philosophy

Hunt Your Passion

The Refuge Ranch isn’t an assembly line for big bucks or for big spenders. The Philosophy of The Refuge Ranch is to provide a premier trophy deer hunting experience for the folks on Main Street, not Wall Street. No matter the length of your stay, know that you’ll never pay more for one deer than another. Gone are the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal deer hunts.

The Refuge Ranch and Wyman family don’t believe in treating people differently based on the size of their wallet. We don’t have a complex whitetail ranking system or extravagant pricing charts – just one flat fee. Having you or your group experience our 420 acres is what we enjoy most. It is our desire that you find pure excitement and joy as you hunt your passion . . . the whitetail deer.

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The Refuge Ranch Philosophy

While sitting in a hunting blind you don’t need to exhaust yourself with thoughts of different colored ear tags and antler counts. Spend time actually deer hunting. Relax by the water, throw in a line and enjoy the amazing woodlands of Central Michigan.

The Refuge Ranch will take care of everything shy of taking aim. This is why trophy deer hunting in a controlled environment is a perfect place to build memories.

The Refuge Ranch is like that trusted old pair of boots. They suit you every time and never let you down, always comfortable and supportive. It’s no wonder why the majority of our clients return every year.

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